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How to Recover Text Messages Deleted from Samsung Mobile Phones

Since the first quarter of 2012, Samsung has become double overlords in the fields of ordinary mobile phones and smartphones. More and more people use Samsung phones and many users choose Samsung as their next target. However, Samsung continuously improves its performance but still can't avoid the data loss problem. Important data like text messages can be easily lost from a Samsung phone. Samsung users just wonder if there is any effective solution to recover text messages deleted from a Samsung mobile.

Restore Messages from Samsung Mobile Phones
We delete those unwanted text messages on our Samsung mobiles from time to time. By deleting them, we can clear up our storage and leave more space for other important data or applications on our Samsung device. However we might delete some important text SMS messages by mistake. Is there a way to get back the deleted text messages from our Samsung smartphone, like Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5? In this guide, we will introduce you the world’s first Android data rescue software which can help you restore or recover the formatted or missing data on your Android device. We will be using Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4 as the example to show you how to recover delete text messages from Android devices, it applies to not only Samsung smartphone but also HTC smartphones, Motorola mobile phones, Android tablets and many other cell phones that are running on Android OS system.

In fact, deleted SMS messages are not really erased from your phone, they are still here but marked as "Deleted". It is possible to recover them back as long as they haven't been overwritten by new messages. Just pick out a professional Android recovery tool like Android SMS Recovery software, you will be able to recover deleted text messages, contacts, photos, videos, call history and more from Samsung Galaxy/Note easily. No any quality will be lost during or after the recovery process. What you see is what you get!

Check out below step-by-step guide and see how you can use this data recovery to get back other lost data:

Free download the software and download it on your PC.

Download Mac Version Download Mac Version
4 steps to retrieve deleted text messages from Samsung phones:

Step 1. Enable USB Debugging on Samsung Galaxy Smartphone

Step 2. Connect up your Galaxy S5 or S4 mobile to computer via USB.

Step 3. Scan your Galaxy S4, S5 using the data recovery tool for Android

Recover Text Messages Deleted from Samsung Mobile Phones

The Samsung data rescue utility will need to firstly analyze your mobile device. After that you will have the option to scan your Galaxy S4 or S5. Since all files, external SD cards, internal memory will be scanned, it may take some time to complete. Thus you have to make sure more than 20% power remains on your Galaxy S5 or S4.

Analyze Samsung Galaxy S5, S4 using android data recovery

The Galaxy S4, S5 data recovery is capable of retrieving many different file types, you will have an option as shown in below screen capture to select which file type you want to get back. Currently you can get back deleted or lost mobile contacts, SMS messages, WhatsApp messages & attachments, Gallery, Audio, Videos, Documents from your Samsung tablets and mobiles, like Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note, etc. By default all file types will be selected. However it takes more time compared to recover specific files. In this case, we are going to recover deleted text messages on our Samsung device, we can check only Messaging and uncheck other options to save a lot of time in scanning the whole mobile device and all its data.

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Why we need to backup SMS from phone to computer?
There are two main reasons why we need to transfer text messages to computer. You have memorable text messages received from your lover, your friends or your families and you wish to keep them forever. However, saving crucial data in your mobile phone is dangerous, you cannot predict what would happen to your phone: You drop your phone, got your phone stolen or damaged, or have your SMS accidentally deleted by someone else. That is why you choose to backup them to your computer.
The other reason for transferring SMS to computer is for future records before they clear their inbox or outbox. Well, we know that phone memory where all text messages are stored is limited. If the capacity of the text messages reached a certain degree, you will be prompted that you cannot receive new messages unless you delete some old messages. However, all saved messages mean a lot for you. You want to make a copy of the text messages on your computer before you delete them from your phone.
Best Program to Help Transferring SMS from Android Phone to Computer

Transferring text messages from a cell phone to a personal computer is a simple task once you have Android SMS Transfer software, a one-stop management tool for Android users to transfer files, such as SMS, contacts, photos, videos, music, apps, etc., between Android cell phone and computer. It empowers you with the full ability to manage your Android files on Mac or Windows computer directly. With its help, you can effortlessly extract text messages from cell phones and save them on your computer with one click. What is more, you can directly send the messages, even group messages from computer to specific cell phone.

Below is the detailed illustrated guide showing you how to transfer text messages from android to a computer by using Android Data Transfer software (Windows and Mac) versions are both available that you can choose the right version according to your own situation. We set Windows version as an example in the following and the operations are also appropriate for the Mac version.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Wait For the Samsung Galaxy S6 Or Purchase The Samsung Galaxy Note 4?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 specifications are known because the phone was revealed at  a recent trade show in Berlin, Germany. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is not expected for release until Q4 2014 or early into 2015. Speculation is rife about what the Galaxy S6 will include.


The Galaxy Note 4 is a 5.7-inch monster phone which allows the owner to do virtually everything they’ve ever wanted to do with a smart phone. For some people the Note series of phones has completely removed the need to by a computer for use in their home.

The Galaxy S6 and the S line generally have been all about looks and substance. As the flagship smart phone in the Samsung outside of the phablet sizes, the Galaxy S6 is expected to offer some of the best mobile technology available upon release. You can expect slick designs and improvements over what a typical Samsung mid-range device looks like.

Note 4 vs Galaxy S6 : Display

The Galaxy Note 4 pushed the boat out with its screen-busting Quad HD 1,440 x 2,560 resolution. With 515 pixels per inch bragging rights the Note 4 has few rivals. The 5.7-inch Super AMOLED display is one of the key aspects to this latest Note iteration that just gets bigger and better. The delicate display is covered by Corning Gorilla Glass 3 to protect from scratches and dents.
Note 4 vs Galaxy S6
The Galaxy S6 is likely to have the latest display when it is released. It is possible that the Ultra HD 2160p resolution may come to smart phones in a big way over the next 6-12 months and if so, the S5 may follow suit. Even some YouTube videos are already streaming at 2160p and with faster internet coming, it is not inconceivable that a 2160p screen would become very usable. Corning Gorilla Glass 4 will probably be available too.

The Galaxy Note 4 weighs 176 grams and is quite a large phone in order to contain its 5.7-inch screen. It is likely to remain one of the largest smart phones in the Samsung range.

The Galaxy S6 is likely to stay within the 5.1-5.1-inch display size if it is to stay out of the phablet size and offer a best in class option alongside the latest Galaxy Note 4.

Processor, Memory & Battery

The Galaxy Note 4 has either a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 Krait 450 processor running at 2.7 Ghz and the processors that share time. The Quad-core 1.3 GHz Cortex-A53 & 1.9GHz quad-core Cortex-A57 divide their time which helps to keep the smart phone cool. The memory is 32 GB, RAM is 3 GB and battery is 3,220 mAh capacity.

The Galaxy S6 is likely to continue using similar processors but upgrade to the latest speed offering to stay competitive. The internal storage is probably still sufficient at 32 GB but could reach 64 GB if that becomes popular. 3-4 GB is the likely amount of RAM memory installed. Batteries are getting more efficient, so the battery is likely to stay within 3,000-3,500 mAh capacity range.

Operating System

The Galaxy Note 4 has the Android 4.4.4 KitKat and Samsung TouchWiz skin. The S Pen stylus adds to what can be done using this operating system.

The Galaxy S6 will likely use Android 4.5 or 5.0. The Android 4.5 has the “kill switch” feature which will be in demand by buyers once it is released. The TouchWiz skin keeps being improved with flatter design principles and fewer taps to reach key features. The magazine-based UI may stay or go depending on how popular it is with buyers by the time of the Galaxy S6 release date.

Internal & External Storage

The Galaxy Note 4 has 32 GB of internal storage. The microSD can handle a 64 GB microSD card.

The Galaxy S6 is likely to have 32-64 GB of internal storage. The S5 had a 128 GB microSD card capacity. SanDisk just demonstrated a 512 GB full-sized SD card in an Amsterdam trade show so clearly memory card capacities continue to improve. It is likely that a 256 GB microSD slot may be provided within the next 6-12 months and the Galaxy S6 may include it.


The Galaxy Note has a 16 megapixel ISOCELL rear camera with numerous modes and an LED flash. The front camera is 3.7 megapixels with a LED flash for some decent selfies away from a bathroom mirror.

As at least one other smart phone already has a 20.7 megapixel camera, the Galaxy S6 is likely to have a 25 megapixel camera if it isn’t released until early 2015. Front camera is up to Samsung to decide how high to go but 4-5 megapixels isn’t out of the realm of possibilities here.Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The Galaxy Note 4 can record Ultra HD 2160p video at 30 frames per second on the rear camera. The front camera can record at 1080p at the same frame rate.

The Galaxy S6 is likely to stick with the latest Ultra HD standard for video recording but could push the standard to the front camera too. It is also possible that frame rates per second increases from 30 to 60 fps. A 120 and 240 frame rate for slow motion video recording could be added following its inclusion in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus which impressed the press crowd in Cupertino, California on September 9.


The Galaxy Note 4 includes many sensors to detect movement, speed, elevation and gestures. Health sensors are also included to provide more information to health apps.
The Galaxy S6 perhaps may add one or 2 more sensors to help further with health apps.


The Galaxy Note 4 is extremely fast with communications. It has a category 6 4G LTE radio capable of 300 Mbps downstream and 50 Mbps upstream. The fastest 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard is also covered, plus dual-band communications, the latest Bluetooth, DLNA and NFC.

The Galaxy S6 could raise the stakes to a higher category of 4G LTE Advanced where speeds can reach 1 GB/s. This has already been tested and confirmed as functionally possible by multiple cellular providers around the world. Bluetooth will have a faster, lower energy version. DLNA will likely beam higher quality images with higher frame rates to external displays. Wi-Fi and NFC are likely to remain unchanged until the S6 is released.


The Samsung Galaxy S6 is likely to be not much more than a specification bump and slight phone redesign from the Galaxy S5 that came before it rather than a major departure. As a flagship phone for Samsung, they will want to keep updating it with the latest tech every year.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be available 17th October and has the very latest tech rather than in half year.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Restore Deleted Text Messages,Lost SMS from Android Phone

Messages usually mean lots for everyone. The latest survey shows that thousand millions of SMS are being sent and received everyday by cell phone, especially on Android smart phones. It is clear that messages are not only used to deliver information to our friends, relatives and business partners; but also be saved as a memorandum to help users store important and valuable moments. We usually keep such messages about the when, where, who, what, and how, which is the core of an event. Thus, the loss of these text messages can be treated as a big disaster in some specific situations.

But are you sure the messages in the Android phone are completely safe? Of course, NOT. For example, while we are going through the messages, our fingers' slightly slant may cause the launch of the wrong button and the loss of some vital information. Furthermore, it is quite normal for the naughty boys to play with your phone. And they will delete some useful data for the ignorance of the correct operation of the device... So many situations will cause the message loss on your mobile phone, then more and more users want to know is there any way to restore lost messages on android phone?

restore text messages on android phone
Fortunately, there exists the way to sweep your worry about the loss of messages. But here you should stop writing new data into your phone once you've found something important is lost. Otherwise, your will lose the only chance to get back your deleted messages. To be honest, you cannot finish this task without the help of a third-part program - Android SMS Recovery software (Win/Mac). It dealing with data accurately, directly, and rapidly, can enable you to recover deleted Android text messages only with several simple steps. Besides, you can have a preview before perform recovery, so you can choose whatever you are expected to back up selectively. What's more, you needn’t worry about the model of your phone, as a wide range of brands are compatible with this software, such as HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Sony, ZTE, LG, Huawei, Dell and other android phones with Android system.

Let’s move on the detailed steps to restore your deleted text conversation from Android phone systematically. First of all, you need to get the free trial version of the best Android Message Recovery software by clicking the below icons.

Download Mac Version Download Mac Version

How to recover deleted text messages on Android Phone?

When you run Android Phone Data Recovery on your computer, you'll see the following interface which will guide you move to the next step.

Step 1. Connect your Android phone & enable USB debugging
First of all, connect your Android phone to the computer. If you've enabled USB debugging on your phone before, you can directly jump to the next step now. If not, the following window will turn up as reminder.

Here we provide three options for you. Please choose one way according to the Android OS running on your device.

1) For Android 2.3 or earlier: Enter "Settings" < Click "Applications" < Click "Development" < Check "USB debugging"
2) For Android 3.0 to 4.1: Enter "Settings" < Click "Developer options" < Check "USB debugging"
3) For Android 4.2 or newer: Enter "Settings" < Click "About Phone" < Tap "Build number" for several times until getting a note "You are under developer mode" < Back to "Settings" < Click "Developer options" < Check "USB debugging"

Step 2. Analyze your Android phone
Here you need to make sure your phone's battery is not less than 20% charged, and then you can click "Start" for the program to analyze your Android phone.

Step 3. Scan your Android for deleted text messages on it
Before scanning, please turn to your phone and click "Allow" on it. Then back to the program on your computer and click "Start" to begin scanning.

Select what you want to restore them

Step 4. Preview and recover deleted text messages on Android

When the scan is over, all recoverable messages, contacts, photos and video on your Android will be found and displayed in the scan result. You can preview every message, including iMessages (media contents are not contained). Or you can click “Only display deleted items” on the top of the window for convenience. Mark what you want and export them to your computer by clicking "Recover".

Free download the android data recovery software:

Download Mac Version Download Mac Version

The Professional Data Recovery Software for Android Smartphones
Newly support Android OS System with 4.0 or above.
With Android Data Recovery, you can:
• Directly scan and recover deleted messages and contacts.
Recover deleted SMS from Samsung Galaxy
• Retrieve pictures, videos, documents and other Android data.
• Compatible to all Android phones like Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, Sony, and so forth.
• You are allowed to preview all the scanned out data and select which files to be recovered.