Saturday, September 20, 2014

How to Transfer Contacts,SMS from Samsung Galaxy to iPhone 6

Transfer data between Android and iPhone become more and more common in nowadays,before the Apple company and Samsung company constantly updated and more advanced mobile phones and operating systems,and many people can’t wait to purchase the new iPhone or new Samsung Galaxy phone.

Transfer Samsung SMS to iPhone 6
As we all know that the Android (Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola) has a higher market share compare with iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch), Windows Phone (Blackberry), Symbian (Nokia) or other operating system. It is said that in the following years, iOS will play a more important part among the operating systems. Those growing iOS users mainly come from Android users. So, a good Android data transfer for those android phone users who recently purchase a new iPhone 6 is urgently needed. One excellent iPhone and Android data transfer tool I will recommend today is Phone Transfer.

Transfer contacts from Samsung to iPhone 6
When you buy a new iPhone 6,the first thing you need to do is transfer important contacts, sms from Samsung Galaxy to iPhone 6 (if you use Samsung mobile phone before)

Phone to phone transfer is now universally needed because nowadays people use more than one cell phone, one Samsung and one iPhone, for example. It is a little inconvenient if you can’t sync the data of two phones and you may have to check both your phones and find which phone you stored your contact in. So a mobile phone data transfer tool for Samsung and iPhone will be much popular because no matter you use Android or iOS iPhone, you can just try Phone Transfer.Let’s teach you how to copy contacts, text messages from Samsung to iPhone 6 directly.

First of all,you need to download the phone transfer for free:

Download Windows Version    Download Mac Version

Transfer SMS and Contacts from Samsung Galaxy to iPhone 6

Step 1: Run the Phone Transfer on Your Computer

After downloading the program, launch it and you will see the interface as below. Note: You should make sure that you have an iTunes stored on your computer if you want to import or export iPhone data. Install one if you don’t have.

Step 2: Connect Android and iPhone 6 to PC

After launching Phone Transfer on your computer, you will see the interface asking you to connect your two devices – Android and iPhone, with two USB lines. After that, both your phone will be detected and be displayed as a “Source” “Destination” ones. You can click “Flip” to change the two phones.

Note: Make sure that the USB cables are well connected through the whole process, otherwise, the data you want to transfer may get lost from the source device because of the transfer failure. If it accidentally happens, use Android Data Recovery or iPhone Data Recovery.

Step 3: Transfer SMS,Contacts between Android and iPhone 6

You are allowed to transfer files between Android phone and iPhone once your devices are recognized by Phone Transfer. Preview the scanned out data and mark those you want to transfer. After choosing all you want, click “Start Copy”.

After that, all the Android data you want is transferred to your new iPhone 6. Click “OK” to finish the process.

Download Phone Transfer on your computer and try it by yourself.

Download Windows Version    Download Mac Version

Tips: Only three steps, you can transfer samsung data to iPhone 6 directly without complex operation. To have it a try, you need just a professional samsung to iPhone data transfer program to copy all content from samsung galaxy to iPhone 6, including contacts, messages, videos, photos, call logs, music and apps.

You can also use this Samsung to iPhone Transfer to copy data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy mobile phone directly,if lost data on your Samsung mobile phone,please follow this use guide about recover lost SMS from Samsung Galaxy on your computer,then transfer those restored data back to your Samsung mobile phone;if you want to back Samsung data to computer,here I recommend you this Android Data Manager tool,which allows you backup contacts, sms, photos, videos,ect from Android phone to computer without data losing.


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