Thursday, August 13, 2015

Borderless Mobile truth: just can not see

So far, the market for all mobile phones are false proposition without borders, more precisely, should be called super narrow border phone.

The objective conditions under current technical conditions, the phone screen must rely on the existence of a border exists, the reality is that all phones involved borderless concept, is a disguised form of the border hidden.

It is noteworthy that for consumers, "No Borders" product stage, have not answered what borders do not, or do not go far enough in this regard.

Sharp opened the door to the market without borders

In August 2014, in the mobile consumer market for a long time to keep a low profile and more vendors appear as sharp, unexpected come up with a 5-inch screen, Sharp Crystal smartphone, but a from suppliers Smartphone So people are excited, from the extremely narrow frame design, almost no borders on visual effects, so that the outside world without borders directly to call such a "unprecedented" phones.

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Crystal border surly presence, Xiapu Si forthrightly that, on promotional materials and official carrier partners mostly written by "Edgeless Screen", but this product has the serious homogenization of the smartphone market opens door to new and differentiated market, the door - no border phone.

After Sharp, many companies quickly followed up, already on the market and open borders with no mobile positioning products include nubia Z9, music, as the phone series, Samsung Galaxy A8, etc., already there are rumors that Sony, OPPO, glory, cool odd other manufacturers in this regard also will have the appropriate products available.

No Border heat is out of marketing

To some extent, no border, ultra-narrow frame concept and increasing the screen size in functionality similar effect, the purpose of both solutions are the maximum to meet the needs of the human eye on the content of endless show The difference is that the screen size increases, while also increasing the body size, ultra-narrow frame and rimless advantage is that under certain circumstances the body size, the screen display area has continued to expand, while the ultra-narrow border The limit is no border.

Whether borderless or ultra-narrow border, they are to meet the needs of users, but this concept for certain products, as well as another layer of meaning - for marketing and marketing, selling and looking for a selling point.

Before borderless concept has not yet appeared, most manufacturers mention the screen when the screen will come up with things in the proportion of the conference, and in the pursuit of a higher proportion of screen process, ultra-narrow frame concept also constantly deepen, but to the concept of borderless appears, screen proportion of influence was weakening, not a full sense of the screen on the border, obviously more gimmicks and more attractive, so that more and more manufacturers swarming to.

No borders, ultra-narrow frame and rimless ID

No borders, by definition is no border, the reason that the current stage of this concept in the mobile phone market is a false proposition, because the technology is not yet ready.

First, the edge of the screen black border scientific name is called "BM zone", mainly used to put the screen to prevent light leakage; secondly, LCD store in the middle of two glass substrates, plastic box sealed by coating to prevent leakage; again, the screen will be touch layer built-in independent capacitive touch layer increases the accuracy of screen pixels also need control circuits, these wires will expand around the border, no border will not be wiring, these real issues will determine the stage of the cell phone screen can not be done without borders.

Ultra-narrow frame like to understand a lot, it does not deny the existence of objective borders, but compared to generally much narrower borders, which is now widely used smart phone solutions.

Words without borders ID, a new invention, a bit tamper with the concept of meaning, focused on ID, wrong structure can be understood without borders or industrial design without borders, more intuitive description is "phone screen suspended above the box", that is He said screen is not in the frame package, but this is no border ID and screens without borders, as well as ultra-narrow border belong to two entirely different concepts.

Technology determines the level at this stage can not be achieved without Borders in the true sense, but in this regard, there are still manufacturers try to make unremitting efforts with the feasibility of the program - borderless display (or vision without borders, but does not include No Border ID).

No border appears also does not deny the existence of the border, but you can create the visual effect from the concept of a borderless, in this context, Sharp, nubia and OPPO have come up with the same or different solutions.

Sharp Crystal X prism technology principle diagram

OPPO principle borderless screen graphic

Sharp and OPPO borderless display technology is relatively similar treatment on the surface through a chamfered edges of the glass, the edge of the screen part of refraction refracted through a prism onto the glass surface slope, directly blocking the screen black bars, nubia sucked own technology called it is aRC (arc Refractive Conduction, arc refraction conduction), three more similar solution adopted.

In addition to the prism refraction, the Japanese Semiconductor Energy Laboratory to come up with a flexible screen features derived based on rimless display solutions Side-Roll OLED, the most important feature of the program is extended to the screen after screen back screen "BM zone" The dark side naturally be hidden.

Aspect borderless borders just gone?

Exclude listed chronologically, is also a "no border" is not the same product but the evaluation of the degree of borderless mining is a very important reason.

Purely in order to make a "borderless" and then as a selling point, the gimmick ingredients far exceed the actual sense, but on a number of related products, or you can see the good ideas and shine.

For example, Sharp Crystal, not only to hide the screen frame on both sides of the top of the handset also canceled, replaced by bone conduction technology. In addition, based borderless display technology, Sharp has come up with screen Internet feature called Swipe Pair can achieve a picture in two, or even on more than one phone display function, the effect is comparable array of displays. Also still in this respect, nubia then come up with Fit border interactive technology, support slide border control brightness, volume, multitasking and memory cleanup tasks.

In fact, whether it is borderless, ultra-narrow border or no border ID, enhance product performance behind the improvement in technology, but from the consumer point of view, the screen frame is shrinking, not only to provide users with greater visual range , also provides a new visual experience, these are the places to be encouraged.

For a perspective, if just to stay in the frame or without stage, then when all manufacturers have to get together on this market segment, we have launched a borderless mobile phone sale, the difference between them and began to shrink, based on this, whether it is already done without borders-related products, or soon plan to do rimless product manufacturers, can be hardware outside, try to provide consumers a different experience.


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